Sustainable and Sexy Tote Bag


If you are looking for a sleek, minimal and sustainable bag that you can carry absolutely anywhere – then this tote bag is for you!

You can use this medium sized tote as a shopping bag, carry bag, baby bag or a multipurpose bag to carry all things sustainable as you venture out.  Day or night, its makes an undeniable statement ‘Sustainable & Sexy’! It is sleek and pretty which makes it a perfect gift to gift for your BAE as well.

The Earthist sustainable and sexy tote bag is made of 100 % pure cotton canvas which makes it sturdy and durable. The broad and long strap makes is easy to hold down or to carry on your shoulder. It is washable, light weight and easily foldable which makes it super easy to carry.

Get multiple bags for your living space, car and travel to never forget ‘carrying your own bag’ and using plastic instead. 

  • Made with durable 100 % cotton canvas material
  • This bag is washable and reusable which makes it eco-friendly 
  • Unisex design
  • Minimalistic and sleek design
  • Size 14inches *12 inches 
  • Comes with a small pocket inside to store small things 
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