About Earthist

At Earthist, we have a very simple mission – 
Create sustainable alternatives for products that you already use’

and it is as easy as 1,2,3…!

1. Living sustainably does not mean replacing everything in your house with bamboo and becoming a zero-waste warrior who lives in the extreme. Start with this – Whenever you want to buy anything, just make it a point to look for a sustainable alternative. (You will be surprised that are alternatives for almost anything!)

Buy only what you really need, use what you have to the fullest and then reuse it creatively! Finally, be mindful of disposing of your waste. We have many ideas for you on our youtube channel here – Do like & subscribe!

B. Buy / find sustainable alternatives to what you want on http://www.earthist.in or any other source of your choice and save yourself and your family from committing a crime against the planet. BTW, did we tell you that every purchase at earthist plants a tree?

C. Find your own sustainability mantra – Your own reason for doing this! We at earthist have found our Mantra to be ‘REDUCE. REUSE. RETHINK!’ this is our constant compass, a question we ask ourselves all the time! What is your sustainability mantra? Tell us, we would love to know

Our Values

Values we live by, work with and aspire to with every product we bring to you…


All products are recyclable, bio-degradable, or atleast carbon neutral.


Created using natural or recycled materials by local women, entrepreneurs, and communities.


Thoughtfully designed keeping the entire product lifecycle with 100% Plastic free packaging.

Happy shopping!

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