Rainbow Straw (Pack of 2 Straight Straws + 1 Bend Straw + 1 Straw Cleaner)


Single-use plastic straws are a huge problem and they are one of the top contributors of single-use plastic which are thrown into our oceans. 

Plastic straws are non – biodegradable and end up killing marine life.

These reusable metal straws are the perfect solution to eliminate single-use plastic straws from your daily routine and lifestyle. They are 304 stainless steel material which is considered a food grade which means it is corrosion-resistant

We call these straw rainbow straws as these straws have different colors on each side. These look sleek and unique, stylish and sustainable – Use it or gift it for any occasion.

It comes with a cloth pouch which makes it easy to carry around and travel with.  

  • 100% recyclable – Product and packaging
  • Reuse, clean, and use as you like
  • This steel straw will last longer than use and throw plastic straws, paper straws, and even bamboo straws
  • A cleaner made perfectly to the size of the straws will help keep it clean for years
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • No single-use plastic in either product or packaging
  • Made in India, made by local businesses
  • Steel straw and cleaning brush (2 straight straws, 1 bend straw, and 1 straw cleaner) quantity

Diameter of straight and bend straw – 6mm


Take 1 straw and put in your drink as you would normally do 




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