Reduce. Reuse. Rethink!

Buy products that make life easy for both, you and the planet…

We, at Earthist, have curated a range of eco-friendly, sustainable, and practical products that you use every day! These products don’t create waste or hurt the planet. The very least we can do to make our planet better is to make conscious and responsible choices when we buy anything. That is what we help you do so you can live a sustainable life!

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Eco shop

Sustainable living products that enable easy, eco-friendly swaps for a simple life and a better planet

Our Values

Values we live by, work with and aspire to with every product we bring to you…

Recyclable, Biodegradable, Compostable

All our material can be reused and recycled. We only use the most environmentally suitable options, recycled, refurbished and reusable material that does not hurt the planet, or you! #Reduce #Reuse #Rethink

Carbon Neutral

Lower your carbon footprint by selecting products that are locally made of environmentally responsible material #Carbonfootprint #+veImpact

Hand Made

All products we sell at Earthist are made with love for you and the planet, by hand. They are made by artisans, communities and people who need this work the most to sustain themselves #Artisan #Localheroes

Made in India

All earthist products are 100% made in India - By buying from us you support artisans, solo-entrepreneurs and communities to help them become self-dependant #atmanirbhar #govocalforlocal #makeinindia

Empowering Women

2 of our founders are first-time women entrepreneurs! We understand how empowering it can be when you have the right support so we work with other women in business wherever possible #WomenPower #SheLead #Leanin

Conscious Capitalism

10% of all our profits are re-invested in awareness building and research through the Earthist foundation #Earthist #Sharingiscaring

Our Stories

We are working to make the planet better every day! Learn to live a sustainable life with Earthist.in