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Steel Straw & Cleaning Brush (2 Straws & 1 Straw Cleaner)

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The last steel straw you will ever need is not the thin straw, not the thickest straw, it is a straight straw and not a bent straw because you just don’t need the curves in this case. How do we know you ask? We tried every available diameter and design of a steel and bamboo straw that is available. We also tried it on drinks of all consistencies – Water, Milk, Milkshake, Molten ice cream, Thick shaved ice Slurpee, Cream, Yoghurt smoothie, and even Curd. Our straw thickness is just perfect for it all and that is why we call this ‘the last straw you will ever need’

  • 100% recyclable – Product and packaging
  • Reuse, clean, and use as you like
  • This steel straw will last longer than use and throw plastic straws, paper straws, and even bamboo straws
  • A steel handle cleaner made perfectly to the size of the straws will help keep it clean for years
  • Easy hold handles let you keep it in your hand
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • No single-use plastic in either product or packaging
  • Made in India, made by local businesses

1 review for Steel Straw & Cleaning Brush (2 Straws & 1 Straw Cleaner)

  1. Garima jain

    Your straws are very nice because they are made of steel😍😍They are also very easy to carry.

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