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Bamboo Cotton Reusable Makeup Remover Wipes


Are you still using single-use makeup wipes or cotton balls to remove your kajal and other makeup? They end up in landfills. 


If yes, switch to these sustainable and eco-friendly reusable makeup remover wipes


  • 4 Layer pad makes it durable  
  • Double-sided and efficient
  • Soft on the skin, eyes, and lips
  • Textured fabric helps clean up better and faster
  • Wash, use and reuse as you like 
  • Comes in a cute cotton potli
  • Made in India #vocalforlocal


Cotton needs a lot of resources like pesticides, water, and land which makes it highly unsustainable to use as a one-time deal. Our bamboo cotton wipes are low-maintenance, come in 100% plastic-free packaging,and over time, save both the planet and the money as you don’t have to buy single-use makeup remover wipes ever again !!!


Apply coconut oil or your favorite makeup remover on your makeup and rub it off with the Earthist bamboo cotton reusable makeup remover pad. You can also use both sides of a pad so that more for you and less than harms the planet!!


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