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Small steps for a greener planet

Small step for green planetWant to make the planet greener? Follow these 3 tips to start an eco-friendly life!

Say Bye to Single-Use Plastic– First step that you can do as an individual is to ban single-use plastic in your life. This could feel a very small step but trust me it is one of the most important ones. Look around you, our shopping mall, grocery stores, restaurant, coffee shops, ice-creams parlor are filled with single-use plastic but you can still make a sustainable choice. Example -carry your shopping bag, carrying your own water bottle, enjoy your favorite coffee at the coffee shop.

Use natural cleaning products– A lot of us may not know that commercial cleaning products contain a lot of toxic chemicals and they pollute our streams, rivers and oceans and this is one of the main reason for polluted water. Switch to eco- friendly cleaning products which are natural and very easy to make at home. Example -Baking soda and white vinegar. These 2 products are 100 % natural, economical and d not harm the environment in any way. You can -add White Vinegar and water to remove any stains on glass, wooden surface and for greasy pot use baking soda and water.

Avoid ordering food – This can sound really hard at first but its only a matter of time when you will start enjoying cooking and inviting your friends over for your special meal. Ordering food invites a lot of unnecessary plastic waste as a lot of restaurants pack meals in a plastic container which is cheap but cant be recycled or they use cardboard which also can’t be recycled because of the oil that food leaves. A good alternative is to cook your own meals and there are thousands of YouTube videos which can guide you step by step to cook any meal you want or you can sit in the restaurant and enjoy your favorite meal.

I hope these tips were helpful and you will start applying it on a regular basis. Would love to hear your thoughts on this so please comment in the section below. Happy Sustainable living!

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